Quality Control

Our quality control process is the most important thing we enforce at Money Saving Print and one of the things we take great pride in.When you send your purchase order through to us, we allocate it to a machine and to an operator and allocate it a printing date which is usually from 3-4 working days upon receiving artwork approval.

After this, you will liaise with our art-worker to ensure all your artwork needs are met, from colouring to positioning, right through to the final approval. Once approval is received, we shall send you confirmation of a delivery date.

From here on, we will prepare your artwork to be printed. This includes everything from unpacking and preparing the product to ensuring the print is perfect.

To ensure that every printed product is to the highest standard, we perform frequent quality control checks. These involve comparing a freshly printed product to a perfect finished one and checking for any irregularities in the print. Should we see any irregularities, we will address the issue immediately and correct it so that we can; continue to produce a perfect print. We also use a “scratch test” to ensure the print doesn’t rub or scratch off easily. If it does, we cure it in our heater. Any problems we do encounter are recorded for future reference, so when you use us again for the same print, we can make sure they don’t happen again. After printing, we prepare; your product for despatch, carefully packing it and organising a courier to collect it.

Upon delivery of your product a consignment number will be emailed to you to track your order during transit.